Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Singing Different Genres of Music


Ok, this is straight from Singorama,

When we’re talking about “genres,” we mean musical categories like classical, rock, jazz, and gospel. Different genres of music can be characterised by the overall make up and overall sound of the song. For example, a typical classical song may be composed of a whole orchestra of instruments with many different layers and different times when specific instruments come in for effect.

A song from the genre of “rock,” by comparison, is incredibly simple. Not only does it have a lot less variation in terms of the notes, it has far fewer instruments, and the instruments are different from what you’d find in a classical piece.

The good thing is that Singorama teaches you how vocals are used in different genres and some of their defining characteristics. It also touches on the difference between different styles of singing and different genres of music.

The good thing is that with Singorama you learn how to do all this with quite an ease without any real troubles or issues. I must say that this is very very effective.