Sunday, December 7, 2008

Emily Mander's Singorama Review - Where Does It Stands Against Singing Success


I have been repeatedly asked through comments to provide a review of Emily Mander's Singorama and if I found it useful.

Let me start from the start. I decided to learn Singing a year back. After all the research on internet I could narrow it down to Singorama and Singing Success. Both of them looked to be good. While Singing Success had more reputation and better testimonials, Singorama offered more value for money.

Here is what you get with Singing Success:

● 1 Studio Training DVD
● 12 audio CDs (304 Audio files)

While this is what you get with Singorama:

● 2 workbooks
● 28 Audio Lessons (100s of Audio files)
● Singorama Mini Recording Studio software
● Perfect your Pitch Pro! software
● Jayde Musica software
● The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Reading Music e-book
● Advanced Learning Techniques for Singers e-book
● Singorama Virtual Metronome software

The good thing was that these were not fillers. These are things that are extremely useful. I can tell you that from my experience. Like the audio lessons, they cover every topic you can think off. I started off as a beginner with them. I followed each session closely. I often consulted my personal trainer and compared the courses against his material and I found that these audio lessons had a lot of content. They will help you master not only the technical aspects of singing but also real world things like how to personalize your songs.

Similarly the software. I found the Mini recording studio quite useful. It helps you practice like a pro and you can always go back and see how you need to change or improve. Similarly as a beginner, I found the Pitch Pro software very useful in learning all the 36 notes. These are the things that make a world of difference at your performances.

I have tried Singing Success through my friend who has that course. I found that while it is one of the best packages around, it fails to deliver the interaction that Singorama delivers through its software.

If you have money to spare than buy both of them. If you are on budget and are looking for maximum value for your money than Singorama should be your choice. I have tested these guys out and I can assure you that you can't get a better course than one that they offer.

Click Here For Singorama

Also, if you are not too sure about which package to try, then go for Singorama's free course. It will give you a good idea!

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Monday, December 1, 2008

SING Redefined

S - Sing through your vocal weakness and breaks

The only way to learn singing perfectly is to sing through those portions that you find troublesome. You need to train your muscles. You won't achieve success till you sing through those portions again and again till you are perfect.

I - Increase control over your breathing.

To do this you need to practice breathing exercises on daily basis. To achieve versatility you will have to start breathing for different lenghts, you can compromise with a patterned breathing.

N- Never sing if you have a sore throat

Yep, dont try to be brave or give in to a request. Your voice is priceless, don't damage it for just one evening.

G- Guessing Pitch.

Dont try to guess the picth of the song of you are about to sing. You should have note read out in your mind before you begin.