Sunday, August 5, 2007

Singing With Power

I found powerful singing is a style that often seems accompanied by its own punishment - strain, hoarseness, laryngitis, throat discomfort, loss of upper range, or a frequent need to "clear your throat." In severe cases, the result can be nodes or polyps, (nodes: calluses on the inner rims of; polyps: blisters on the tops or undersides of the vocal folds), which are painful and restrictive of singing. I know cause as an amateur one of my goal was to sing with more power.

I was trying to sing in "full voice" up in the higher ranges of my singing voice. It was not until my personal trainer told me that the mistake I was making was to try to drag my chest voices up past my first bridge and into where the mix should occur. This was the cause of discomfort and hoarseness.

It is important to remember that when we are first building sound in the mix and head ranges, that the fullness and power that is desired is limited at best.

It is necessary that a light, yet connected coordination be found first.